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Image Refinery is a Post Production studio based in Toronto Canada. We assist our clientele in realizing their creative ideas, and surpass their own client’s expectations by delivery high quality imagery.

Image Refinery has over 15 years combined experience in traditional and digital photography, retouching and print production. We specifically enjoy the creative process and collaboration between photographers, art directors, agencies and professional colleagues. We love creative challenges and pushing the envelope for print and New Media advertising.


Image Refinery’s success starts with understanding photography, scale, perspective and light. We have a broad spectrum of expertise spanning traditional photography to pre-media production. We know the mechanics of a good file and how to maintain the most information from RGB capture to your final CMYK or RGB output.

We have surpassed many of our client’s expectations with the photorealism and attention to detail in our retouching. Starting at the conception stage, we make the most of each technique to solve problems and deliver the highest quality creative results on every job.

We love to work with art directors, designers and photographers alike to ensure the steps from conception to reality are as seamless as possible. Our streamlined workflow ensures an economical and time efficient final product.

Services Include:

  • Retouching
  • Photography
  • Compositing
  • Color Grading
  • Pre-Media
  • Pre-Shoot Consultation
  • Style/Treatment
  • Photo Illustration